Get Derek
on the Ballot!

Derek is running for House District 17 unaffiliated with any political party.

Derek will be placed on the November ballot by the signatures of 500 registered Oregon voters collected from June 1 to August 15. To add your signature and/or to collect others, print your own nomination petition and follow the instructions carefully.

All signature sheets are required to be “wet” signatures. This means any printed sheets will need to be mailed to the address below. Please mail signature sheets no later than August 10th to ensure they are received in time.

How can you help?

Please proceed if you are a registered voter in Oregon

Signature Sheet FAQ

Follow this website link where you will find printable signature sheets and instructions. Only the approved signature sheet printed in landscape layout will be accepted by the Secretary of State.

2nd Time Around Thrift Store
850 Main St,
Aumsville, OR 97325

Even if your signature is the only signature on the sheet, please sign legibly as Circulator. We need one person who witnesses the signatures to sign as Circulator at the bottom of the signature sheet for it to be counted. 

Only original (wet) signatures mailed in will be counted by the Secretary of State. Mail to:

400 N 8th Street,
Aumsville, OR 97325

The signer can cross out their entire entry and re-write it on a new line. It is preferable that the signer initial their correction. 

Yes, P.O. Boxes can be used as an address. 

Their residence address/current address is preferable, but if they have a different mailing address listed on their voter registration, that mailing address will suffice.  


It is preferred if you can fit all your information on one line. However, yes, the signer can take up more than one line on the signature sheet for an address.